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The real problem when it comes to losing fat permanently is there is so much misinformation out there…

A seemingly endless supply of options, methods, and ideas on how best to lose-weight… many of them contradicting the other.

Therefore, just like the tangled “bird-nest” that happens with a Baitcaster fishing reel when you don’t put your thumb on the line before the lure hits the water, sometimes the most logical thing to do about weight loss is cut-bait and start from scratch.

Good news: today, all your confusion about exercising to burn fat will vanish.

This will not only renew your hope… it will change the way you look at weight-loss forever.

The real problem is the fact that you’ve been lied to for years and these lies are keeping you from burning-fat and keeping it off.

You may have heard, or perhaps even believed at one point, that you have to exercise to burn fat.

You may have even been told:

“To really melt fat like butter you need to work out for 5 days a week, 90 minute at a time!” (and have your puke bucket at-the-ready)


You’re minutes away from discovering how senseless this argument really is…

Start watching the video below at minute 15:43 where Tim flips the calories-in, calories-out argument on its face:

>>> Calories-in, calories-out and other weight-loss deceptions <<<

Here’s a secret:

DO NOT exercise until you are within 10 pounds of your ideal weight…

And, then only after you’ve gotten the following dialed-in:

– the right hydration

– internal detoxification

– optimal nutrition

– efficient hormone communication between your cells

Relax! And don’t be discouraged…

Because, someday when all this is worked out, the gains from exercise will shock you.

Now, pay close attention to what happens here:

Obese Iron-Man, tri-athlete, ultra-marathoner, personal trainer, former-marine Kevin Phelps stops all exercise kicking and screaming … then goes on to melt 71 pounds of fat in 3 ½ months.

Kevin shares his story starting at minute 19:02.

I highly recommend you watch that now.

>>> Ultra-marathoner told to stop exercising, then drops 71 pounds <<<

Pretty crazy uh?

Does that shoot holes in some of the things people with lots of letters at the end of their names have been telling us about weight loss for many years now?

Remember: For Kevin to lose 13 pounds in his first 7 days in the 3X program he would have had to eat nothing all week and run 2.6 hours at a 10 minute pace each day for a week.

No wonder so many people struggle with losing weight… they’re only looking at one component… calories-in, calories-out.

Based on Kevin’s results (and all the other guys in Team One of 3X Fat Loss where the average weight loss is 26.7 pounds in 60 days) I have no choice but to conclude that exercising to lose fat is a misguided assumption doing more harm than good.

You with me?

Moving on…

Remember what Kevin said… (this is gold)

Kevin said, “… my philosophy didn’t work in the past because I had never been nutritionally fit in my life.”

Well alright Kevin, let’s go there, shall we?

One of the leading challenges expressed by guys who come to 3X Fat Loss has to do with not knowing what or how to eat.

Even worse, most guys find they’re hooked on foods they know are making them fat.

Ever experience “grazing” on snack foods all day and you still always feel hungry?

Pardon my analogy: I struggled a lot with junk-food cravings myself… and every time I gave in to these cravings I felt like a strung-out crack-whore.

I mean seriously… I remember feeling dirty, and hooked.

Peering into the pantry, pondering my next fix, salivating.

Cheese puffs, Oreo cookies, or Ding Dong cake?

Or, how about boxed cereal with milk so at least I’ll get nutrition from the milk, right?

Great, then I’ll have a Ding Dong cake with my cereal and milk.

Immediately after caving in to the craving thinking to myself:

“Pathetic… This can’t be what real men eat.”

So, the leading question remains:

Do you know what foods burn fat?

Do you know what foods store fat?

Do you know what ‘food-like-substances’ trigger cravings as real as a crack-whore addicted to crack?

Sir, I’m not trying to offend or invalidate this addiction cycle you might be experiencing…

At 3X we actually give this cycle of addiction a name:

We call it the “Venomous Cycle”.

I believe the odds are 99.99% you are now a victim of it because all the other guys who’ve been through 3X certainly suffered from it…

And it may not be so obvious until you eliminate all the bad and take in all the good.

>>> Try the ultimate fat burning food list available inside 3X <<<

Tomorrow, I’ll discuss the inner-workings of the Venomous Cycle and how to freee yourself from it.
Until then, take a second to ponder this statistic …

I’m fairly certain you’ve heard this stat at least a hundred times in year 2015 alone.

It’s one of the media’s most-prized epidemics to remind us of:

2/3 of Americans are overweight with more than 1/3 considered obese.


Mrs. Obama, with all-due-respect, but there must be more to the equation than ‘eat less, move more.’

Stephen “exercise debunker” Page

P.S. Remember: Kevin would often run 50 miles in a day and he was still gaining weight.

When he finally stopped running and exercising altogether, he lost 13 pounds in 1 week and 71 pounds over the next 3 ½ months.

I told you 3X Fat Loss is utterly unique.

Watch this and be freed from fat loss confusion forever

Del Lewis, a recovering P90X devotee, lost 44 pounds in 8 weeks after he stopped exercising.

Go to minute 35:12 to hear Del drop a bomb on the ‘workout at home until you puke’ craze.

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