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Blood cells, bone cells, skin cells, sperm cells, brain cells, everything is a cell.

Cells are not in your body…

They are your body.

Your eyes are simply a bunch of cells close together.

Your bones, as strong as they may seem, are just cells packed really close together.

So, if you believe this as fact, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be very interested in knowing the best way you can support your cells.

What do your cells need?

Meaning what do cells need to survive at optimum levels?

A healthy diet… (A healthy diet would simply be a menu that provided everything a cell needs.)

That’s it.

No need to make this difficult.

>>> Just give your cells what they need. <<<

Your body makes about a hundred billion new cells every day…

There are about 10 million chemical reactions every one to two seconds just to keep you alive.

Here’s the problem…

On the reverse of what a cell needs, anything capable of damaging or killing a cell is capable of damaging and or killing you.

Any toxic substance that can damage a cell is unhealthy.

The claim you might being hearing in the food industry, “not enough toxin to harm you” is not true.

Maybe it’s not enough toxin to kill you at that moment…

It still harms you.

It’s better to view this as degrees of harm.

If you ate cyanide it would be unhealthy to a large degree and if you ate pesticide if would be unhealthy to a less degree but unhealthy nonetheless.

Don’t dismiss something as being too small to worry about.

The body accumulates toxins that continue to do damage.

I’ve shown you many of the ways toxins in the body turn into the problems many guys face…

Hopefully, you’ve been tracking with me and now feel the same as I do:

Fat loss and wellness is a result of removing the bad stuff and replacing with good stuff.

3X Fat Loss is the world’s fastest and smartest way to remove bad and replace with good.

With a system like this in place, the only moving piece is the degree to which you implement it.

Tomorrow I’ll discuss 5 other hidden benefits guys experience with 3X.

New benefits I haven’t even mentioned so far.

Stay tuned…

It gets even better.

Stephen “The Human Cell Activist” Page


I really appreciate you reading along.

Yet, you’ll find that once you get access to the 3X Fat Loss program…

I suspect you’ll probably discover that the tools and content available inside are WAY better than what I’ve been able to describe over the last 11 days or so.

If you go for it and then don’t agree with me that 3X is better than pockets and sliced bread…

There’s a 30-day money back guarantee.

That’s why I suggest you roll up your sleeves and get started on 3X Perfect Day implementation right away.



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