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“Well Tim, I don’t know, I’ve tried diets before and failed… Bla bla bla…” Donnie Crisp said as he was trying to justify to Tim Sales why he should not try the 3X Fat Loss.

It’s the stuff that dribbles out of a man’s mouth who is addicted to food chemicals, who has lost his confidence and is not proud of who he’s become.

All that dribble is caused by what we call “The Venomous Cycle”.
It looks like this:

1. Craving bad food – that causes…

2. Not sleeping well – that causes…

3. Drinking large amounts of caffeine – that causes more restless nights, which results in…

4. Not exercising

5. Promising to change

Repeating the cycle tomorrow.

One thing we’ve come to understand from working with a lot of men is that this venomous cycle is every men’s nemesis.

The sad fact is that you’ve been unknowingly lied to for years when it comes to eating and these lies are THE REASON you’re probably in a venomous cycle addicted to processed foods.

Donnie went on to lose 35 pounds in 60 days. Check out his story starting at minute 28:53.

See, one of the great delusions in the last century is assuming that just because a product is sold in the grocery store means it’s safe to eat.

In reality, 90% of what you find on the grocery store shelves are food-like-substances that are mostly harmful, addictive, and making you fat.

The toxic concoction of chemicals, sugar, preservatives, “flavoring” and food dyes present in all processed foods addict you to them so that you mindlessly feel the need to munch throughout the day and when you try to stop eating them you experience the same nasty withdrawal symptoms as any person addicted to drugs, alcohol or tobacco trying to quit.

Irritability, headaches, more cravings, hunger pangs, etc. eliminating these things from your diet will immediately set you on the path towards rapid fat burning.

Quitting cold turkey is the only way to break this…

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Trying to cut back slowly doesn’t work.

There’s a reason why you can’t eat just one or 10 of them or once you pop the top you can’t stop.

Please realize that if you could have done it on your own you would have.

=> The most efficient way in the world to master food and burn fat <=

Organic is the way our food is supposed to be.

It’s what your body needs.

It’s not just a fad or a movement for tree huggers.

Man has been eating organic food our entire human existence and it wasn’t until the last 60 to 70 years that we veered off and allowed over 10,000 chemicals into our food supply.

These chemicals don’t benefit man.

They make profits for the chemical and agriculture industries and they harm earth and all species on earth.
However, I’ll get off my high-horse now before I come off sounding too much like a politician.

Here is a good resource to help you find organic food grown in your local area:


I want to talk about the lack of energy a lot of overweight guys suffer with.

My friend Tim Scanlin has a pre-3X story he wants to share with you in hopes of motivating you into action… if not for you, for those who love you and depend on you.

Here’s Tim:
“I walked through the front door of my house after a regular day’s work as weather forecaster in the Air Force.

The moment I stepped through the front door, my son Joshua (2 years old at the time) and daughter Isabella (age 4) ran to me with their arms open wide shouting at the top of their lungs “Daddy’s home!”

I bear-hugged them both clinging to my legs and gently fell to the floor to engage in the ‘tickle and fight’ match they’d been anxiously awaiting.

Immediately the room was filled with the giggles, shrieks, and laughter I’ve come to cherish more than anything in the world… playtime with my children.

Within seconds they were maneuvering fast for position…me on all-fours.

Isabella using her legs to pry my arms out from under me, Josh on my back with an enthusiastic joke-hold around my neck.

Me tickling tummies and arm pits where I could sneak them in.

The laughter reaching a very high pitch.

By now, this little game at the front-door became a daily ritual, yet this day was different.

Not because of what we were doing or how it ended…

It was how my children responded to me.

See, because within no more than 45 seconds of rolling on the floor with my highly energetic children:
A wave hit me… I hit a wall… I was spent.

At that point it took everything I had to gently pull them off of me so I could crawl to the foot of the steps and take off my work boots.

Then, sitting at the foot of the stairs, I told them something…

‘Guys, I’m sorry. I’ve had a long day at work, and I need a nap.’

Immediately the energy in the room shifted.

Isabella, let go of my ankles, stopped trying to pull me to the floor…

Looking me dead in the eyes with a mix of pity and disgust on her face said to me …

‘It’s okay daddy, you can go take a nap.’

And, without skipping a beat, jumped clear across the room to grab her Etch-a-Sketch mechanical drawing toy …

Her little brother prancing behind following her every move.

Both of them acting as if daddy was no longer in the room.

My heart sank.

How did I get here?

Why was I exhausted all the time and where did all this extra fat come from?
Suddenly, I was struck by images of the future.

At this rate of decline, how useful would I be as a father for little league baseball, basketball or soccer?

Will I even be around to walk Bella down the aisle or send Joshua off to college?

What about my grand-children?

What example am I setting for them, wussing out in defeat everyday exhausted over a desk-job…
Retreating to my bedroom, leaving them to watch TV, neglecting everybody in my house including their mother?

Game over…

It was then I knew I needed to lose the fat and get my mojo back.”

[to be continued]
Stephen “The Very Passionate Health Advocate” Page
P.S. Take a moment to get present to the reality of this…
Your kids, your grand-children, lovers, and wives… whose lives are also at stake by you remaining trapped in the Venomous Cycle?

How would their lives be positively impacted by you losing the blubber and mastering food for good?
Never mind sticking it to the chemical/GMO conglomerates destroying the planet…


This is more personal to you than that.

Average weight loss for the 24 guys on Team One was 26.7 pounds in 60 days.

You’ll be amazed at what your body does in 60 days-time when you give it only the right stuff.

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