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It’s Sunday morning, you just woke up.

You step on the scale and “yup,” you’re down another 3 ½ pounds for the week.

You can’t believe it.

It’s already been 4 weeks and you’re still losing weight.

You’re still on target, doing exactly what you said you would do.

Self-discipline restored.

Your pride is back.

You believe in you again.

3x has become a routine, a normal part of your everyday life.

The kinks of getting the routine correct and have them be a part of your life are worked out in less than a week.

For 4 weeks now you’ve been experiencing the positive benefits of losing fat including:
Improved digestion
Less bloating
Less gas
More consistent bowel movements
Clearer skin
Better sleep
More energy
More enjoyment eating
Enhanced mental focus
Better mood
Better sex (a lot better J)
More confidence
Looking better in your clothes
Looking better in your skin
And of course, the 15 ½ pounds you’ve lost.
Etc., etc. …
Your belt is also down a notch or two which is a sweet reminder that it works.

That propels you to keep going.

People around you are starting to ask questions like, “Hey did you get a hair-cut? You look different.”

Little do they know that your body’s on fat-burn autopilot.

While everyone else starves themselves and spends every night of the week doing boring cardio at the gym …

You go home, relax, make a steak dinner, and wake up the next morning:

“Yup! Down another pound.”

Ok, so yesterday I promised 5 hidden benefits …

Maybe you found a few more here already.

This is not a fantasy Ali.

This reflects my personal experience and the results of Team 1.

26.7 pounds in 60 days is the average.

Yet, of course there is no guarantee you’ll lose this amount of weight.

Guys who lose this much go all in with following “Implementation” …

And, many of them acted as if their lives depended on them implementing the program perfectly.

Therefore, as your trusted 3X advisor, I recommend you engage 3X like your life depends on it.

Because, given what I know from my own wellness/fat-loss transformation experience …

And, given what I’ve learned and mastered in the 3X academy, I have many damn good reasons to believe that your quality of life DOES depend on you learning and implementing the 3X system.

Here’s a few more reasons why I believe you absolutely need 3X for a better quality of life.

There’s no making this stuff up.

Testimonies from Team 1:

Alvin said,

“As the weeks became shorter I started to enjoy the positive comments as people noticed my body is getting smaller. My 17-year-old son observed my eating habits and all this weight loss. He wanted what I had.”

(Remember: For the people who love and depend on you.)

Brian said,

“Shed 24 pounds, down to 183. Lost 6 points of my body fat percentage. Down to 17 percent. Reduced my ugly man boobs 4 ¾ inches. Shrinked my waist by 4 inches. Went from 36 or 38 inch pants to comfortable 34.”

(It’s mostly not your fault if you have “man boobs.” Yet, it sure is great to see when guys find out how they have some control over looking more male by reversing them.)

“This summer I’ll be completing a two-year training in holistic health coaching. 24 pounds lighter and better looking skin, I now actually look like a health coach. Plus, I now know how to effectively coach somebody to healthy sustainable weight loss, used in the 3X program.”

(Maybe you’re someone who’s overweight and also someone that people consult with on how to lose fat? Trust me in that you’re not alone and this is not a judgement… It’s simply evidence of the fact that many “health and weight loss professionals” don’t have all the components dialed-in to truly put the body into fat burn and health restoration mode. Having all the components dialed-in is one reason 3X Fat Loss is utterly unique.)

“The second aspect of looking apart is this will be my 4th summer in competing in triathlons. With the body fat percentage in the mid-teens, I now actually look like a triathlete and expect to be faster. A $2,000 triathlon bike couldn’t do that for me last summer.”

(Are you spending big bucks and lots of time on activities that depend on your body being a:

Highly efficient, well-tuned machine, always at your fighting-weight, and where your physical and mental performance means everything?

3X is the fastest, smartest, and most cost effective way in the world to get all this in gear!)

Again, there’s simply too much value and content inside 3X for me to give it justice through an email sequence…

However, you can trust me that I’m trying my best for your benefit …

>>> The science and methodology behind 3X is all inside 3X. <<<

Tomorrow, I’ll summarize what you get inside the program…

Stephen “Addicted to Fat-loss Benefits” Page


Also, I’ll share more feedback from guys who completed 3X.

You’re not going to want to miss what they have to say.

The benefits just keep getting better …

And sometimes wildly unexpected.

Probably because 3X Fat Loss is actually a wellness movement disguised as a weight loss program.

You’ll know what I mean tomorrow.

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