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Real glad you’re here. Smart move.
After “stress testing” and honing 3X since January 2014 in stealth (exposing it only to a few close friends), Tim Sales and I finally released version 1.0 to the public in January 2016.
Damn, it’s been a long wait!
And, entirely worth the wait given the sheer volume and quality of the content delivered through the program. It leaves nothing to chance for a guy committed to losing the blubber and mastering food.
To be frank, Tim Sales is a complete nut when it comes to delivering ‘perfect’ content … And, the value inside the 3X system is precisely why many of us can’t help but do everything in our power to bring 3X to as many men as we can.
Tim and I went through a ton of feedback results. What you now have access to is the end result of that.
He has almost completely rewritten everything from scratch… The core message and concepts are now delivered very efficiently with over 8 hours of videos, illustrations and supporting documents.
When I finally had my chance to go through the final cut, I couldn’t stop watching… it was the same feeling I have when reading a good book I can’t put down.
I appreciate your interest in 3X. And in return for allowing me to send you email, I promise to over-deliver, or die trying.
First, I want you to be very clear where I stand …
It is my #1 priority to earn your full attention and trust, to be seen by you as your trusted fat loss advisor, to guide you, and ultimately empower you to achieve permanent fat loss and experience optimal health.
In other words …
No doubt about it. It is utterly unique.
First, answer this:
What is the #1 most important thing you think you must do to achieve permanent fat loss?
Think about the answer. Give it your best shot will ya?
I’ll answer it tomorrow… There will be no more mystery when you see it.
Now, onto some housekeeping:
Stories and Testimonies
We’ve gathered a number of stories and testimonies from the guys pouring their hearts out and going all in with the 3X Fat Loss beta teams since January 2014.
Although the stories are 100% based on real-life experiences, I will make it my practice to use fictitious names for the sake of confidentiality. If you are anything like me, you will be both inspired and entertained by many of the experiences I have to share with you.
The Battle for Your Inbox Attention
As your trusted 3X advisor, my goal is to always give away better stuff for free than what others would typically charge for.
So, expect me to send you emails on a regular basis with useful content related to health and fat-loss.
Now, I know you get a lot of emails. No doubt about that.
Some of them get your attention. But most don’t. I’m no different. I operate the same way.
But if you are at all serious about losing fat permanently and experiencing optimal health, I need your attention!
In fact, create a filter in your email client so that two things happen (highly recommended)
1.    So that emails I send you will never be “filtered” into your spam folder, ever (very highly recommended)
2.    So that emails I send you are highlighted in some way, or marked as important (optional, but recommended).
If you use Gmail, here’s how to do that:
Settings > Filters > Create a New Filter >


In the Filter From field, write this (and yes, there is nothing before the “@” sign on purpose — just copy and paste what you see below:
This will “whitelist” any and all emails I send you from 3X. They’ll never ever go to spam by mistake.
Please do this right now, before you forget.
This is an Open Dialogue
I’ll prefix each email I send from this “insiders” list with [3X] so you’ll know at a glance what context the email is related to.
Also, if you need to get in touch with me for whatever reason, please reply to any email I send you.
I consider this an informal man-to-man dialogue with you.
Therefore, I want to be sure I’m providing content that is useful to your situation.
And, I need to know what your experiences are with losing fat and all the ups and downs that can come with it… so I can better help you solve it leveraging the resources in the 3X community.
I think that about sums up the housekeeping side of things.

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