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Even though you wouldn’t know it, I was in constant pain.

The base of my neck and upper back were always throbbing…

Sometimes with shooting-stabbing pain…

Caused partly from sitting at the computer for hours at my desk job.

Also due to the CHRONIC inflammation in the body from eating inflammatory foods.

Most over-weight men suffer from inflammation and have no idea it’s one of the leading causes of their weight-gain and all the other nagging side effects including the regular old pain in one’s body.

Inflammation is the body trying to heal itself from toxins…

Like the body putting out fires because its survival is at risk.

That’s why in 3X we teach men how to aim the extinguisher at the base of fire…

And, extinguish inflammation at the source within the body and prevent it from occurring in the first place.

Specifically, inflammation occurs in response to the body’s exposure to toxins…

You can be exposed to toxins from air, food, water, things we touch, etc. (already discussed in email Part 5)

3X will give you a PhD in toxins, inflammation, and all 7 components vital to fat loss.

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Well, you’ll get a certificate of completion after completing the academy… Not really a degree.

(You have to pass a quiz at the end of each module before proceeding. We really do want you to gain mastery around fat-loss and health.)


CHRONIC inflammation is also what occurs when over-weight guys attempt vigorous exercise to burn-fat.

No wonder fat guys killing themselves at the gym are sore and tired all the time!

It’s inflammation running ramped in their bodies.

Exercise is the last thing your body wants to do when it’s on fire with inflammation.

Don’t confuse chronic inflammation with regular acute inflammation which is vitally necessary for the body to remain healthy by healing wounds and repairing damaged tissue.

Here’s a good resource to read up on inflammation and the many forms it can take:

Chronic inflammation can eventually cause several diseases and conditions, including some cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis, periodontitis, and hay fever… inflammation needs to be well regulated.

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Basically, inflammation can be a giant pain in your back-side for as long as you fan the flames.

The core tenants of the 3X Fat Loss program are designed to regulate and minimize inflammation…

You could even call the 3X diet the “Anti-inflammation Diet.”

By following a step-by-step routine – and eating from a very specific list of foods …

Put it all together and voi-la! …

You’re now burning fat like butter 24/7 without the fiery dangers of inflammation!

Tomorrow I’m going even deeper inside the rabbit hole into a crevasse no one likes …

Yet, it’s more important that we to take it head-on.

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It’s one of the most terrifying and often unexpected side effects of being obese…

The chain of events can look something like this:

(True story told by an anonymous man previously over-weight from 3X Fat Loss Team 2)

“It was like any other night…

My wife drying off after her bath.

I’m lighting the candles and starting the ambiance playlist on my iPhone.

I knew we were in business when she skipped the long underwear and went to the special drawer to pick out a pair of her “playtime thong’s.”

I asked her what essential oil she wanted tonight…

It had become a ritual for us to give back massages before we escalate. 😉

The massages were wonderful as always, with music in the background, the flicker of candles, and light talk between me and my sexy hot wife reflecting on things we were happy about that day.

Eventually, the massages were done and it was time for the plunge.

She touched me like she had a thousand times before, like only she could do …

And it’s as if my little soldier had died.

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Dear God help me…

What the hell is wrong with me and why can’t I get it up?”

[To be continued… The brutal connection between obesity and erectile dysfunction. I promise to keep it clean.]

Stephen “The Anti-Inflammation-ator” Page


Minimizing inflammation is one of the leading reasons 3X Fat Loss is reigning supreme amidst ALL the other weight loss programs on the market today…

How is that?

Most of them focus on one seemingly minor component already discussed:

Calories-in-calories out.

Do you want to see behind the curtain as to why industries and politicians are hanging their hats on this partial truth?

If you enjoy tracking a series of lies to the source, you’re going to love the 8+ hours of video education in 3X Fat Loss.

Conclusion Resolving inflammation is one of the 7 components vital to fat loss.

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To Your Success

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