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Here’s the thing:

Blood cells, bone cells, skin cells, sperm cells, brain cells, everything is a cell.

Cells are not in your body…

They are your body.

Your eyes are simply a bunch of cells closely together.

Your bones, as strong as they may seem are just cells packed really close together.

So, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be very interested in knowing the best way you can support your cells.

I’ll touch on it tomorrow…

Hint, if you treat your cells right your body can’t help but to drop excess fat as efficiently as Wes Walker dropped Brady’s pass with 4:09 minutes remaining in Super Bowl 46.

(I’m still recovering from the Butler spoiler catch at the Seahawks 1-yard line against Brady’s Patriots in Super Bowl 50. I recognize I’m not winning any points with the Patriot fans… anyhoo.)

Regardless, moving on…

How to support your cells and shed fat will be clearer for you after I finish what I started a couple days ago…

Introducing your “Top Executives”!

Who are your top executives?

The fellas in your body responsible for all the communication between your cells…

A.K.A. your endocrine system.

Don’t fret… I’m not about to give you a biology lecture.

Tim breaks all this down into really good bite sized pieces within 3X Fat Loss…

I suspect you’ll be surprised to discover how understanding your endocrine system is quite relevant to you losing fat and optimizing your health.

He lays it out so well with plain language and illustrations that I believe literally a 12-year old could have it all dialed in within a couple weeks of committed study time.

Many of the guys in the 3X community believe the simple yet very comprehensive education you get through the 3X Fat Loss program to be the #1 reason guys continue have such over-the-top fat loss results.

So please, do the smart thing and stop listening to me ramble here…

=> Clickety-clack right here to begin mastering the Perfect Day routine and immerse yourself in the 3X Academy for a few days.

You’ll finally have the understanding and fat loss experience you need to keep the blubber off and master food for good.

I won’t be at all offended if you stop paying attention to me anymore and put all your focus on the 3X Fat Loss system….

I really want the very best for you.

And 3X Fat Loss might be the smartest and fastest way for you to lose the blubber and master food for good.

However, if you’re still listening …

I truly do love ya’.

And so do your “Top Executives.”

Yet, they’d love you a lot more if you’d stop making it impossible for them to do what they desperately need to do to make your body work right and burn fat.


Your “Top Execs” orchestrate all the communication between your cells and pave the way for:

Regulating all the physical and chemical processes in the body.

Bottom line, it is vitally important to stop cramming your body with all the toxic sludge from food-like-substances…

And instead, give your body all the right stuff so your Top Execs can efficiently give orders to your cells and make the whole system work like the fined tuned bodily machine you enjoyed during your youth.

Yet, you’ll need to get some real mastery around the subject of “all the right stuff.”

That can be nearly impossible for a busy guy to invest the time and energy finding and putting that information together…

Sky-net (Google) can only get you so far with the very few extra hours you probably have in a day.

Therefore, I still highly recommend you cut to the chase and thrust yourself into the over 8 hours of video training inside 3X.

Tim has done ALL the work for you and untangled all the scheming lies so prevalent in the diet industry today…

Bold-faced-lies that are only leaving you more confused, fat, and exhausted, etc., etc.

Take cholesterol for example.

The food industry, and maybe a few others in ‘high’ places, actually have you believing that cholesterol and animal-based saturated fats are harmful to you.

The truth is, cholesterol from animal fats play a VITAL role in your body particularly in the role they play with your Top Execs…

For example, cholesterol helps the body regulate sex hormones like testosterone, hormones that regulate mineral metabolism, hormones that regulate blood sugar levels and hormones that help deal with stress.
Cholesterol is also an antioxidant…

More here on the many crucial benefits supplied by antioxidants.

Alright, enough already.

I hope you immediately start learning how to best support your Top Execs.

Tomorrow we go cellular.

Stephen “The Executive Assistant” Page



Cells are your body.

Your Top Execs (your Endocrine System) deliver all the communication your cells need to make your body run.

If you’re not properly supporting your Top Execs, you can expect your body to run and feel like complete garbage.

Finally, a fat loss program that deals with ALL the elements a guy needs to experience fat loss and total wellness for life.

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