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“If staying awake after work is too much for you to help me and your children – than I will gladly take the two of them with me and move the hell out!

Then maybe life will be easy enough for you!” My wife shouted as I put the sheets over my face trying to make another case to stay in bed.

My loving wife had reached officially reached her breaking point due to my more regular absence…

Her words stunned me in a way I had never felt before.

I truly never expected to hear them from her…

And secretly, her leaving me and taking the kids was my greatest fear.

The adrenaline surged as my life as I knew it flashed before my eyes.

I got out of bed, walked after her sobbing, begging her to talk with me, and not to leave me…

Begging her to empathize with a condition I had no understanding of, and no control of…

A crushing sensation of constant tiredness and depression.

I basically felt like I had no control over my mind, my energy, and my will to press-on and be the husband and father I signed up to be.”

This is a story shared by Frank who at the time was suffering from being seriously over-weight and depressed.

It’s a story that I thought might resonate with you at least somewhat if you are someone struggling to find answers to your weight gain and depression… like many of us had suffered with in the 3X community.
Frank’s story continued:

“My wife had officially blown-her-stack, and I really couldn’t blame her for losing patience with me.
She was at home raising two children… by herself.

Day-by-day I continued to succumb to depression, excessive weight gain, and not caring.

It just got to be too overwhelming for both of us.

At the time I was working nights and then sleeping through the afternoons… often all the way up to dinner time.

Obviously I wasn’t being much of a father if I was always at work or sleeping.

That evening I sat at her feet, begging her not to leave or divorce me, and to hang on with me until I can figure out why I was feeling so depressed and tired.

What was terrifying the most is I really had no idea how it got so bad…

It wasn’t until I got my tail whooped in the 3X Academy and started implementing the Perfect Day routine – did the cloud begin to lift.

Before then, I couldn’t grasp the fact that I was miserable because of decisions I was making about my diet and daily routine.

I just ate whatever was in front of me and did what I thought was ‘ok’.

I even had a habit of drinking diet sugar-free sodas…

And never thought much of it.

However, two weeks into the 3X program following Implementation exactly, I dropped 14 pounds of fat and 2 inches off my waist…

Then, I started coming out of the fog and regained my will to fight for my wife and my life again.

Once I finally learned what was going on with my body and my diet, I then felt responsible for making it right…

This has evolved into an unshakable belief and will power to get as lean and healthy as I can.

The relationship I enjoy with my wife and two children as never been so strong.

I’m forever grateful for what 3X is and what it did for me and my family.”

Frank, was suffering from serious depression.

And he pulled through it by removing the junk in his diet and by following the 3X Perfect Day routine for 60 days.

Now, I’m not claiming that 3X cures depression…

Yet time and time again I have witnessed guys transform and rise above many seemingly permanent ailments by implementing the steps in the 3X program.

Oh heck, maybe the aspartame in sugar-free sodas is the devil… I don’t know!

See here for yourself and make your own determination.

“(Really?)…is made up of three neurotoxic chemicals – substances that are toxic to brain cells.”

Whatever the hell it is it certainly doesn’t sound like something fit for real men.


The point is a lot of men are in the dumps mentally because they’re over-weight and toxic…

We are out to correct that wrong for you.

Oh yeah, I was supposed to uncover the big lie that might have your T-levels out of whack…

The truth is, if you don’t get this right you can forget about having any control over fat storage muscle growth, metabolism, fertility, mental state, and your immune system to name a few possibilities …

Essentially, this is when your “Top Executives” in the body get messed with.

They’re really a couple of great guys if you get to know them and let them do their job.

I’ll introduce you to them tomorrow.

Stephen “The Neurotoxin Demolition Expert” Page


Remember Frank, didn’t know why he was down in the dumps…

Therefore, all he thought he had left was play ‘victim’ with his wife and hope that things worked out.

There is power in taking responsibility for your body.

That’s where the 3X program and community come in…

Lose the blubber and master food for good.

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