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I’ve focused a lot on the common challenges guys face when trying to lose weight….

And, many of the benefits of following the 3X Fat Loss program.

I’ve also proposed that maybe you’ve been unknowingly lied to for years when it comes to losing fat and these lies are THE REASON you’ve been let down in the past…

One of the many lies going around these days is exercise and calories, that you have to move more and eat less to see success in weight loss YET:

That’s just nowhere NEAR the truth…


>>> 3X Fat Loss <<<

The simplest, quickest, and smartest way to burn fat and keep it off without exercise or starvation.

This radically simple yet effective fat loss system will work for you, EVEN IF:
You have no time to exercise
Exercise isn’t working for you
You have a limited food budget
You’re hooked on foods making you fat
You’re eating healthy but still not losing weight
You’ve been a yo-yo dieter for many, many years
You’re overwhelmed by all the info out there
You’re on the verge of eating yourself to death
You’re on medications
You’re obese and nothing seems to work
You’ve never tried to lose weight before
You’ve never had the discipline to finish what you started
You’re exhausted all the time
You feel as if you’ve tried absolutely everything to lose weight!
(You fill in the blank…etc.)
Warning: 3X Fat Loss is NOT A:
$35 replace your meal with a shake diet.
Overnight magic pill fat loss solution
Hormone patch
Hormone shot
Wrap or corset for your belly
Starve yourself skinny meal plan
Exercise until you puke in your mouth 5 days a week training program
Blood type diet
Cabbage soup diet
Colon blow
French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet (there really is a diet called this)
Grapefruit diet
Prepackaged frozen meal program
Meal plan with food-like-substances
Liquid cleanse diet
Olive oil and sugar water
Skinny Bitch Diet (yup…it’s out there)
(Fill in the blank here with any other bizarre or dangerous method)
I think you’ve been deceived enough by weight loss marketers and those sleezy ads…
THIS is the bonafide real deal.

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The reason exercise and calorie counting doesn’t work for most people is the fact that our bodies need more than that to work right.

What makes 3X truly unique is the fact that Tim has spent years interviewing experts and digging through the trenches to find what REALLY works …

This passionate research revealed SPECIFIC PATTERNS that some health experts suggest independently, but fail to combine all these solutions into one comprehensive, easy to follow system.

And, from this moment forward, you will have the tools you need to lose fat fast and keep it off for life.

The techniques, “do this next” strategies, and this “avoid THIS” lessons are now yours to replicate… and that means:

Reaping the benefits of:
Improved digestion
Less bloating
Less gas
More consistent bowel movements
Clearer skin
Better sleep
More energy
More enjoyment eating
Enhanced mental focus
Better mood
Better sex (a lot better J)
More confidence
Looking better in your clothes
Looking better in your skin
Feeling better in your body
Lose ½ to 1 pound of fat a day
Etc., etc. …

All while your spouse, lover, kids, family, friends, and acquaintances begin to notice and acknowledge a leaner and happier version of the youthful and attractive man that you are…

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As you overcome all barriers to a truly healthy lifestyle and flush away the fat with literally zero effort.

Now, before we go any further, I need to come clean:

If you’re looking for yet another magic fat loss pill or hormone shot in the arm quick fix to weight loss…

You get it: more crap that doesn’t work, never has worked, and never WILL work for you?

Then you need to forget about 3X, and perhaps pay a visit to

3X Fat Loss isn’t pie-in-the-sky fantasy land nonsense – it’s the real deal, and it’s only for men like you who are really serious about permanent fat loss …

What Tim has done is make 3X Fat Loss as easy as humanly possible so, while losing fat isn’t “easy” (nothing worthwhile is), THIS makes it more of a snap!

So, if you’re wanting the REAL ANSWER to permanent fat loss, here’s what you can and should expect 3X Fat Loss to deliver:

Improved digestion
Less bloating
Less gas
More consistent bowel movements
Clearer skin
Better sleep
More energy
Eating delicious foods
Enhanced mental focus
Better mood
Better sex (a lot better J)
More confidence
Wearing skinnier clothes
Looking and feeling better in your skin
Lose ½ to 1 pound of fat a day
Etc., etc. …

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han 3X Fat Loss isn’t just “a” solution for you it’s the ONLY solution for you!

Check out what Bruce said about his experience with 3X…

“At first I thought the program would be near impossible to do and be satisfied with.

But as I learned more, actually much more than I thought I’d learn, since I already went through a lot of this in premed getting an MLT degree a few decades ago.

It turned out my fat loss goal was not only achievable but sustainable as well.

I’m really happy about that.

It was really easy to do.

And I dropped more weight than I thought humanly possible in such a short amount of time.

Especially with no exercise at all.

That was the real shocker to me.

Because I’m used to exercising 5 days a week.

And you had me stop that, and instead walk for half an hour everyday.

I hardly even that consider that exercise.

To me that’s just getting around.

So I’m amazed that I did as well as I did with every conceivable wrench thrown in.

Especially with the dental surgery in the middle of it, along with the meds that they’ve made me take for that.

Doing the colonics, having IBS and Crohn’s and all my other medical junk on top of all of that.

I’m rather surprised with the results.”

Awesome Bruce!

Well done!


Check out how 3X brought back the confidence Craig felt as a kid and wiped out his addiction to donuts…

Here’s Craig:

“First and foremost I want to say that my self-confidence is now sky rocketing.

I haven’t felt like this until that first kiss from the first girlfriend I had back in high school or whenever it may have been.

I know what I’m doing now.

I want to get out in public much more often, it’s my profession, I’m always in the public eye.

And I’m not hiding behind anyone else any more.

Well I couldn’t hide very good in the past because I was always bigger than they were.

Feels great.

I have better relationships.

I actually have a girlfriend now.

That’s always great, that’s always good.

Working with the team has inspired me to do better.

They’ve kept me accountable.

Talk about addictions, I was addicted to donuts.

Three or four donuts a day.

All the cravings for those donuts are gone.

Even though the boxes were sitting there talking to me, “Hey come get your donuts.”


I could stand there look at them all day, don’t want them.

No more cravings.

So thank you for that, for teaching me the education on that.

At the beginning I was very skeptical.

I’m glad, very thankful that I stuck it through.

Because if not I’d be like everybody else.

Just getting bigger and bigger and probably end up dying at very young age.

But I’m just glad I thought it out and listened to my heart and gut, and followed your program.”

Amazing Craig!

Way to stay the course get it done buddy!

Next is Dennis…

Check out how 3X has given Dennis a whole new relationship with his wife. A true partnership with her that she had wanted for many years:

“Now I feel like I’m able to do what my wife does.

She needed a partner to help her in taking people on journeys to change their lives.

And I think with the education that you’ve given me, I now feel like helping people is something I like doing as well.

So the 3X fat loss it has made me a believer that through the right education and through knowing what you’re talking about you can actually help people.

Help coach people through their weight loss problems.

She’s very grateful for what 3X has done for me.

And she’s happy I’m on board with her.

Because I’ve gotten so educated on the different things that we need to eat to lose fat and keep it off.

And she doesn’t have to tell me what I should or shouldn’t eat anymore.

Now, it’s like me telling her.

And she’s overwhelmed with that…

In a good way.”

That’s what I’m talking about Craig!

Taking responsibility for what you know…Incredible stuff.

That’s it from me today my friend…

I’ll be in touch tomorrow.

Stephen “Changing the World One Fat Loss Results at a Time” Page


Now from Tim Sales himself, developer of 3X Fat Loss:

Just LOOK at what you’ll receive today inside 3X Fat Loss …

YOU get the Implementation guide which also contains videos that are the exact procedures to change your routine from fat storing to a routine that causes fast burning.

You get the Academy lessons so that YOU BECOME SMART and can then make good food decisions on your own – that’s the only way you never get fat again.

If you’ve ever heard the quote give man a fish he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish he’ll eat for a lifetime. That’s the relationship between the Implementation guide and the 3X Academy.
“You get the Implementation guide and videos valued at $300 – Plus much more…”

Implementation is to solve the immediate need to burn fat, the Academy is so you’re lean for the rest of your life. Again, these are delivered to you inside our member’s area.

Let me show you how to get access. Midway through working with Team One I asked them to put a price value of 3X Fat Loss, all surveys came back at over $1,000.

I’m not inflating this, you’ve heard the men’s passion about what they got from 3X. The price is NOT $1,000 if it were you would pay $1,000 to be proud of your body again?

Would that be worth $1,000? If you could go any place like the beach of a swimming pool, without feeling “self-conscious”. Wouldn’t that be worth $1,000?

For me I made the decision to never go up in pants size again. I was willing to spend whatever it took so a thousand dollars would be an instant “yes, give me access”.

I urge you to not let finance come in between to anything that is constantly bugging you, just get 3X and knock this problem off your list.

Gym Membership – Cost you about $55 a month
Personal Trainers – Average run about $60-70/per session
Nutritional Counseling – About $125/per session
Gimmick Programs – $40-300 bucks each
There’s also a cost for NOT solving the problem, depending on your health this could be very expensive. Let me explain what you’re going to get. And then I’ll tell you the price.

You get the Implementation guide and videos valued at $300. Let me explain what Implementation is. The Implementation section of 3X contains both video lessons and printable guide.


“Immediate RESULTS!”

So you don’t have to figure out:
WHAT to eat
WHAT not to eat
WHAT to buy at the store
How to cook it
What tools to use to prepare food
How to order at a restaurant
What a Perfect Day Looks Like
Can you see how simple this is? In the bomb squad we lived or died based on how simple and understandable the instructions were written.

You’re going to love this!

So you’re going to get the Implementation Guide and videos valued at $300, you’re also going to get The Academy Lessons.

Let me show you…



“Each Lesson covers one stand alone weight loss component”

In the ACADEMY – Each Lesson covers one stand alone weight loss component. I named these the 7 vital components because he found that each component was effective on a percentage of guys that wanted to lose weight.

Let me give you an example:

Let’s say a guy is trying to lose weight but each time he gets down a few pounds he bounces back up or hits a plateau. The rebound or plateau might be because his body is over loaded with toxins.

This can cause fat loss to be very slow and frequent plateau points.

In Academy Lesson NUMBER ONE you’ll learn about toxins – how to identify them on food labels, what they do in the body and how to dispose of them.

My point in explaining this is that Each Academy Lesson covers a different fat loss component.

Get this…

When all 7 components are incorporated (which is what is in the Implementation Guide) – we have succeeded across the board.

This may explain to you why some people can get results doing X, another person can’t get result with X but can get results with Y. We found it not to be just X and Y!


All 7 are incorporated in Implementation!

Legally and ethically I’m not saying we’ll always get success, I’m saying in all 7 components we were fortunate to have all 24 men of Team One lose weight some less some more, the average is 26.7 pounds.

That is astonishing, don’t you think?


Not only do you get the Implementation guide and the videos valued at $300.

You’re also going to get all 7 Academy lessons (which is a total value of $853!).

I’m sure you’re thinking just combine them, that’s the point that you need to understand.

The Academy is like 7 unique weight loss education products, 4 of those lessons took 9 months to totally perfectly.

My wife spent 3 months of straight out research to get to the bottom of gut health which one of the lessons.

I paid $500 for one medical webinar on a single topic in the gut health lesson.
Implementation Guide……………….….$100
Implementation Videos…………..……..$200
Academy Lesson 1..…………………..….$79
Academy Lesson 2..………………..…….$79
Academy Lesson 3..………………..…….$79
Academy Lesson 4..…………………..….$79
Academy Lesson 5..………………..…….$79
Academy Lesson 6..………………..…….$79
Academy Lesson 7………………………..$79
Total Value…….………………………….$853
If your gut health isn’t right – you’re not absorbing nutrients. Nutrients are what your body runs on – if the body isn’t getting nutrients, even though you’re eating – it thinks it’s starving therefore continues storing more fat – and can be stubborn to release fat.

That’s why you need to know how to get your gut in good health. So your body can efficiently burn fat. The discussion on how to get your gut healthy is one of the discussions in the Academy for the value of $79.

If we knocked off 200 dollars and you paid just $653, it would be a bargain for what you get. However, we know you’re going to need high quality foods and supplements to get the results Team One got.

So you’ll get the Implementation guide and the videos valued at $300, you’ll also get all the Academy lessons for the total value of $853.

Let me add one more thing, when you get this now, I’ll throw in my…


As a bonus, that by itself is priceless. If a guy doesn’t do what he tells himself to do – he lied to himself. That causes him to lose confidence in himself. That stinks!

No man should view himself as weak. Nor should he pretend that he is strong when his actions prove he’s not,your actions and view of yourself are always in alignment.

Get 3X today you’ll also get How to Gain Self- discipline, where it will help you to do what you say you’ll do, so that you become proud of YOU again.

The 3X Implementation guide along with self-discipline training – are the bad habit busters! I’m not in any different than you I had horrible habits, no person on earth has eaten more or loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, sodas, pecan pie, key lime pie, more than I do.

I broke that habit of telling myself to do something and then not do it.


“BIG Mama’s Boy – 212 pounds, BEFORE 3X Fat Loss”

“ELITE – 170 pounds, AFTER 3X Fat Loss”

I want that for you, I want your wife or girlfriend to be over the top impress with you both physically and mentally.

I want you to be what you use to be and more.

Gentleman, now is your time…

Implementation Guide……………….….$100
Implementation Videos…………..……..$200
Academy Lesson 1..…………………..….$79
Academy Lesson 2..………………..…….$79
Academy Lesson 3..………………..…….$79
Academy Lesson 4..…………………..….$79
Academy Lesson 5..………………..…….$79
Academy Lesson 6..………………..…….$79
Academy Lesson 7………………………..$79
Bonus: How to gain self-discipline….$57 (Priceless!)
Total Value…….………………………….$910
One Time Payment of
Only $97 Today!

Your investment today is a one-time payment of only $97! Click the button below and get your hands on this now. I would grab this now because we’re considering a monthly subscription price instead of a one-time payment.

Even if you’re traveling and are not ready to start losing weight today– grab this offer now.

It’s just a one-time payment of $97. When this offer is gone – it’s gone.

Click Here to Add-To-CartI understand this is a one-time-payment of only $97!

Even at that low price some of you may feel nervous – “what if it’s not what I think it is.”

So I’m going to give you an iron clad guarantee, you test this out – if it’s not all that you thought it was – just cancel it within the first 30 days and you get your money back.

Simple as that – if I can’t help you lose weight, I don’t deserve your money. Isn’t that the way it should be?

Now, although I can give you a money back guarantee, – I can’t give you a guarantee this offer is going to still be available if you come back tomorrow.

When it’s gone it’s gone. This is a limited offer.

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To Your Success

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