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“Less than a month after ‘the fall-out incident’ at the foot of the stairs (read part 4 for the full story) a buddy of mine called to tell me about a fat loss program in beta called 3X Fat Loss.

Given how quickly I had put on weight over the previous year… I was more than ready to try something new to lose fat and get some more energy.

What’s crazy is I had always considered myself healthy and lean …

And I never suspected I was doing anything that would have me put on so much extra fat.

Yet, a 36-inch waist and 204# was way bigger than I had been before …

I knew all too well that continuing down that slippery slope could put me out of a job in the military.

60 days into Phase 1 of the 3X program I dropped 35 pounds of flubber, 4 inches off my waist, and huge increase in energy through the day.

I owe it all to implementation of the 3X Perfect Day.

I honestly had no idea how much I was sabotaging myself with my food choices and lifestyle habits prior to 3X…

Through implementation I experienced a 180-degree turnaround in my health…

And from the videos in the academy I know without question how to keep my health dialed-in for the rest of my life.

I can’t believe how simple it is to be in great shape and feel great.

My wife can’t believe the change in me and my kids now know not to start a ‘tickle and fight’ match they can’t finish.

Life is good being a ‘Super-Hero-Dad’ again.”


Pretty cool isn’t it?

Can you relate to Tim’s story of feeling like he was letting down his wife and kids by being so tired all the time?

The frustration he was feeling when he realized he had lost control of his weight and energy while thinking he was doing everything right to be healthy and lean?

Now, let’s go a little bit further down the rabbit hole and take a look …

Maybe we’ll finally get our fingers around the neck of that pesky varmint making everybody fat, sick, and tired!


TOXINS will make you fat, sick, and tired.

Food-like-substances… are toxic.

Pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides… toxic.

Genetically modified foods… toxic. (Evidence here)

The question I encourage you to ask yourself is:

What do toxins do to human cells?

If you eat toxins, drink toxins, breathe toxins, rub toxins on your skin and hair, your body can get to a point where the majority of its resources are committed to dealing with toxins. (A battle within your cells)

Dealing with toxins is what can cause low energy, fat storage, bad skin, restlessness, brain fog and many other issues.

If the body doesn’t have the resources to remove toxins, they’re stored in fat.

So, this is not a low fat diet.

It’s not a high fat diet.

It’s not a no carb diet.

It’s not a low carb diet.

It’s not a high protein diet.

These phrases are categories of professional dieters…

Professional dieters can’t get consistent results so they hop from program to program.

3X Fat Loss is the:

“Clean your toxic ass-out and fill it with the most essential nutrients possible diet.”

So, there’s a process every fat guy needs to go through to remove toxins and get his mojo back…

Moving you through that process is what the 3X Fat Loss program has really dialed in.

Through systematic learning and experience, you quickly find out that:

You are bigger than any food addiction,

You are bigger than any chemical,

You are bigger than any illogical ‘solution’ plaguing the weight loss industry…

Your body has an innate ability to heal, strengthen, and release excess when you remove all the bad and replace it with all good…

And, implementation goes way beyond, ‘you are what you eat.’

3X has a system for assisting you with transforming your daily actions to be health-contributing, fat-burning habits that you can easily maintain for the rest of your life.

It’s called mastering ‘The 3X Perfect Day.’

You’ll get through it.

There’s a community of 3X men who have gone before you and continue to have extraordinary results.

The best way to master the Perfect Day routine is to imagine you’re ship-wrecked on an island and you only have the 3X food list and The Perfect Day implementation guide.


>> Welcome to 3X Island <<<

Tomorrow I’ll discuss one of the most effective habits you can do to maximize fat-loss.

In fact, it’s straight out of the 3X Perfect Day routine and it’s something you can very easily begin doing right away to increase fat loss by 55%.

Did you hear that?

Getting this one thing right can increase fat-loss by 55%!

It has many hidden benefits as well including helping your body with detoxification, increasing energy, naturally suppressing appetite, and decreasing inflammation to name a few.

Sound good?

Great then tune back in tomorrow…

I assume your eager to hear something positive after all the gloom and doom inherent with toxins and the Venomous Cycle that almost everybody suffers from.

Stephen “The Non-Professional Dieter” Page

P.S. I’d like you to consider that it’s not your fault that you’re addicted to foods that are making you fat…

In fact, given the global obesity trends, it might be safe for you to assume that most of these phony man-made foods are engineered to get you hooked…

Undoubtedly, blaming anybody or anything else for your condition will not serve you…

You already know a lot more than most men struggling with their weight.

And, you’re only weeks away from being a health and weight-loss inspiration for yourself and those who love and depend on you.


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