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What Do You Do If Diets and Exercise Aren’t Working?

What Is The Best Way To Burn Fat?

You’ve tried a bazillion things to lose fat for years yet nothing seems to help…

And, so far, it seems like whenever you lose any fat it always comes back with vengeance.

You’re becoming more and more confused, frustrated, and almost completely overwhelmed…

With bits of exhaustion, depression, isolation, detachment, and even at times numbness to life all mixed in… I call it ‘Fat-so Soup.’

I’ve eaten at that restaurant … I’ve tried the soup and it tastes like crap.


Have you ever wanted someone to just tell you ALL the things you need to do to burn fat fast and keep it off for life?

So you could only do exactly what you need to do to melt blubber away for good, and experience an endless flow of energy, power, and confidence you felt in your youth?

Why haven’t you been able to do this?

I know your story:

Everyone’s situation is different… but it’s still the same game.

Since you’re reading this email, you’ve probably been struggling with your weight for a while and you want your mojo back.

For now, forget about fat-loss … totally.

Here’s the #1 thing you must do to burn fat:

Implement a daily routine that burns fat.

Rapid fat loss happens naturally with the right routine.

Sounds simple right?

Losing fat is simple… with the right routine.

So, let’s start at the beginning…

Right now, you need to believe that you can be lean.

Then, you need to identify what routine leads to a lean-body.

And then, implement that routine over and over again until the routine transforms your body and improves your health to such a degree that you can’t imagine living any other way.

3X Fat Loss teaches you step by step how to implement a routine that burns fat and optimizes your health.

In 3X we call this routine ‘The Perfect Day’.

Take a minute to read what Mary Jaksch says about changing habits. She knows her stuff and I think it will help put you in the mind set to make some changes:

Top 10 Ways to Establish New Habits – WITHOUT Discipline

Imagine, mastering a daily routine that breaks through ALL the barriers in your way of the lean, youthful body you dream of … a routine that even defeats the barriers you have no idea exist?

=> The Perfect Day Routine <=

Have no time for exercise?

It was one of the biggest selling points for 3X Team One… Many of the guys said before 3X that they couldn’t even envision themselves exercising …

They felt so fat and out of shape they couldn’t even imagine exercising.

This feeling of hopelessness is more common than you think.

Here’s what Glen said when asked what he thought about exercising before 3X …

“I was terrified of exercising because I kept thinking about all those fat bastards dying on a treadmill from a heart attack… I wonder if there are stats for THAT?

Yes, there was some sense of hopelessness involved!

I wouldn’t be caught dead in a gym when I was 90 pounds overweight…


I couldn’t scare up enough motivation to walk thru the door, let alone climb onto a machine.”

Gentlemen, tomorrow, I debunk the myth: you need to exercise to lose fat.

I promise.

Stephen “the routine wizard” Page

P.S. Remember: Believe, Identify, and Implement.

Go to minute 39:30 in the video below to implement a routine that blasts through all fat-loss barriers … even the barriers very few know anything about.

=> The Perfect Day Routine <=


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