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Yesterday I claimed doing this one thing right has been clinically proven to increase fat loss by 55%…


Sleep at least 8 hours a night.

(Don’t laugh… this is a powerful tip.)

This study concludes that sleeping less than 8 hours reduced fat loss by 55% when dieting.


Those in the study who slept less than 8-hours were hungrier and lost more muscle mass compared to fat.

8 hours of sleep a night helps also helps with: (from other sources)

– memory

– inflammation

– creativity

– stamina

– blood pressure

– bowl movements

– detoxification

– learning ability

– attention span

– productivity

– stress

– clumsiness

– depression

– self-discipline

And, my favorite source of health intelligence…

Testimonies from guys doing 3X Fat Loss.

Glen McDougal:

“Still not drinking coffee. I’ve had probably one green tea this week. Other than that I feel fantastic, I have lots of energy, I feel good when I sleep. I sleep like a log, I mean I pass on the couch and I go to bed by midnight and I sleep right through like 7:30.”

Glen Bourne:

“Feeling great, sleeping solid, no food cravings, energy is great, minds more alert, and fitting in some clothes I haven’t fit in for years.”

Tracy Hunter:

“Normally I used to stay up until 2 am doing school work and then go to bed. Well since I started this program about a week and a half into it, I have not been able to keep my eyes open past like 12:30, like I am conking out. I used to take Tranquil Sleep Air to help me shut my mind off to go to sleep. I don’t need it anymore. My body goes to sleep at night now like it’s supposed too.”

So, how long have you struggled to get enough sleep?


Mental angst?

Physical pain?

Or, most common… (This was my problem)

People don’t think sleep is important.

No wonder there’s so many work zombies in America… we don’t value sleep!

3X addresses all of these reasons guys don’t sleep enough.

Organizing your life around getting enough sleep is part of implementation.

The mental and physical symptoms that hinder sleep quality can be resolved through the flood of nutrients and the removal of toxins in the body.

3X help you structure your life around the habits that serve you best.


I want to discuss another affliction a lot of overweight guys suffer from…

Pain in the body.

Headaches, burning in the neck and shoulders, soreness in the hips, stiffness in the knees, achy feet…

We hear a lot of guys suffering from pain when starting 3X.

Then, after 2-3 weeks of implementing The 3X Perfect Day routine, their pain seems to vanish.

Tune in tomorrow to see how I think this can happen for you.

And, the main reason why I believe most diets and exercise programs fail to keep fat from coming back if someone can manage to lose some.

Stephen “A Recovering Work Zombie” Page


Actions for today:

If you’re tired, go to bed an hour earlier tonight.

If you’re still tired tomorrow, leave work a little early and take a nap.

No one benefits if you are tired:

Not your clients.

Not your employees.

Not your children.

Not your spouse.

Not your sanity.

Don’t be a work zombie.

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